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The Biography of Haruki Murakami reveals a life that could be called normal but under no circumstances uneventful.

Not much about his private life is known (or has not yet been translated). Unlike most other authors or writer in general he leads a very healthy life. He quit smoking and started running amongst other sports when he gave up the Jazz Bar. He is going as far as joining several marathons per year all over the world.

He did however not leave his deep love to Jazz music behind and is said to have a record collection of around 40'000 items.

Born in Kyoto.
Moved to Ashiya (Hyogo Prefecture)
Theater Arts Major Student at Waseda University. School didn't interest
him much and he spent most of his college days reading thousands of
filmscripts stocked at the Theater Museum of Waseda University.
Married his Wife Yoko
Watching a baseballmatch he suddenly had the inspiration of writing his
first novel.
Opened the Jazz Bar 'Peter Cat' at Kokobunji/Tokyo
Moved the Bar to Sendagaya/Tokyo a quiet neighberhood of the bustling city.
First novel Hear the Wind sing published. (Part of the Trilogy of the Rat)
Gunzou Shinjin Sho (Gunzo New Writer Award) for Hear the Wind sing
Pinball, 1973 published (Part of the Trilogy of the Rat)
Sold the bar and started to write for a living.
A Wild Sheep Chase published. (Part of the Trilogy of the Rat)
Noma Bungei Shinjin Sho (Noma Literary Award for New Writers) for A Wild Sheep Chase
Moved to Fujisawa/Kanagawa Prefecture. A small city on the shore of the sea about 50km from Tokyo.
Moved to Sendagaya/Tokyo
Hard boiled Wonderland and the End of the World published
Junichi Tanizaki Award for Hard boiled Wonderland and the End of the World published
Moved to Oiso/Kanagawa Prefecture.
Travels Rome and Greece
Norwegian Wood published
Moved to Princeton NJ and started as Associate Researcher at Princeton University
Nominated Associate Professor at Princeton University
Moved to Santa Ana CA to teach at William Howard Taft University.
Yomiuri Literary Award for Wind-up Bird Chronicle
Underground published
Moved to Oiso/Kanagawa Prefecture